The Seventh Ray

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    Events & Lectures

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    Steven Maybury

  • Location

    Rib, Rotterdam, NL.

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    Invited Contributor

From summer 2017, Rib started a new residency program dedicating its summer slot July and August to an open call for exhibition proposals and activities by artists, mainly from Rotterdam. The residency consists of a production period followed by an exhibition or a public program. During the residency, the selected artists will become the new host, run the space and determine its new opening hours. Steven Maybury’s residency proposal reflected on artist Mathew Kneebone’s work, Power Relations. Maybury asks:  “what do we do if there is no electricity? No digital? No Grid? No virtual? How we might cope without the ease of recalling a memory instantly?”. 

Maybury  seeded Rib’s project space with a small selection of his own memory objects to open the space for dialogue, public participation, moments (in the dark or light), invitations and public conversations all acting as a live document for the duration of the residency.  Using the digital world as reference where our intimate moments are stored, connected and shared, he made Rib a physical hard drive of sorts, displaying old and new methods of remembering and storytelling.  Pádraic E. Moore was one of several people invited by Maybury to present their own research at Rib. For this event Moore presented a lecture on superphysical phenomenon entitled The Seventh Ray.