In anticipation of leftovers

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    Events & Lectures

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  • Type

    One-day performance event

  • Location

    Grazer Kunstverein, Graz, AT.

  • Role

    Invited Contributor

In anticipation of leftovers is a one-day event with readings, recitals and performances preceding the official opening of the Winter Season. Contributions to this event will be made by invited speakers Arnisa Zeqo, Pádraic E. Moore, Sophie Tappeiner, Florian Langhammer of Collectors Agenda, Fiona Hallinan of The Department of Ultimology, and Valerio Del Baglivo of The Institute of Things to Come. Opening to celebrate the launch of the Winter Season at Grazer Kunstverein, with two new exhibitions; Flotsam, Jetsam, Lagan, and Derelict by Mehraneh Atashi and Poems to Gadgets by Angelika Loderer, and the continuation of the ongoing research project If Michael Asher by Triple Candie.