The Birthday Party

  • Category

    Events & Lectures

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  • Type

    Live Event

  • Location

    Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin, IE.

  • Contributors

    Catscars, Ships, Diamond Dagger, Lasertom.
    Visuals by Cats Byrne

  • Role


In 2013, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios turns 30. To mark this milestone and lament the end of its 20s, the Dublin arts landmark is inviting friends and well-wishers to come and celebrate over 4 floors of the building in Temple Bar. For your musical entertainment, TBG+S studio alumnus Padraic E. Moore has invited four of Dublin’s best bands to play their electrifying music in the gallery space. Moore has invited artist Cats Byrne to contribute a new work which creates a prismatic environment, combining mixed media with digital surfaces and physical objects. The result is sure to be a one-off; a night celebrating the best in homegrown art and music, and 30 years of a creative place.

About the bands

Described once as Post Enya electro pop, the textured tunes of  CATSCARS  are captivating and best enjoyed at night. Fronted by the charismatic Robyn Bromfield, Catscars are concerned with form and function, chaos and noise, beauty and savagery.  Diamond Dagger, a.k.a. Sarsparilla is the latest musical incarnation of Wicklow’s own Damien Lynch who also performs as one half of New Jackson. Lynch’s obsession with outboard gear and an ongoing love affair with vintage drum machines are the ingredients for an inescapable cosmic electro soup.  The retro-futurism of Diamond Dagger shares certain convictions with the infectious disco of LASERTOM whose sound is tinted with a compelling cinematic edge.  Lasertom is Simon Cullen who along with Sorca McGrath and Cian Murphy is also one of SHIPS. Combining concepts concerning perception and the human brain with emotive vocals and mesmerizing rhythms SHIPS generate danceable atmospherics in any environment. Together these artists underscore the fact that some truly exceptional boundary-expanding electronic music has emerged from Dublin in recent years.