Writing / Publications

2021 Capri, 1911 Essay to accompany A Fire in my Belly, Group exhibition at Julia Stoschek Collection, Berlin, DE.

2020 Embedded in the Sediment Catalogue essay in Sedimental Journeys: Filip Vervaet, Published by PLUS-ONE Gallery, Antwerp, BE.

2020 Let’s never be like that Review of Nora Turato at La Maison de Rendez-Vous, Brussels. ArtReview.

2020 Visual Letter  Text written to accompany solo exhibition by Aleana Egan at NICC, Brussels. BE

2020 Back to the Cave  Preview of Melvin Moti at De Pont Museum, Tilburg. Article for Metropolis M Magazine.

2020 The Metallization of a Dream  Review of Eduardo Paolozzi at Clearing, Brussels. ArtReview.

2020 Sorted, Resorted Review of Gabriel Kuri at Wiels. ArtReview vol. 72, No 2 March.

2020 The Sixth Sense; A Renaissance / Het Zesde Zintuig; Een Renaissance Article for Metropolis M Magazine.

2019 Institutional Ideators Essay commissioned by the OJAI for The Handbook on Self-Institutionalisation. Published by Fantôme Verlag, Berlin DE.

2019 Art and Magick in the 21st Century; Reflections of a Neophyte. Catalogue essay for TULCA arts festival. Galway, IE.

2019 Weisses Mazdaznan Essay commissioned by Kunstfest Weimar. Published by Deutsches Nationaltheater und Staatskapelle, Weimar, DE.

2019 Notes on Duchamp’s Green Box; A Patrilineage. Essay in Desire; A Revision, exhibition catalogue. Published by IMMA, Dublin, IE.

2019 A Weaning Phase  Essay in publication produced to accompany group show, The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills, Scoil Lorcáin, Dublin, IE.

2019 Museum of Free Space Interview with Annie Fletcher for VAN. Published by Visual Artists Ireland. Dublin, IE

2019 Curator’s Key On John McCracken for Spike Art Magazine. Berlin, DE. / Vienna, AT.

2019 We’re Lost in Music  Essay for VAN. Published by Visual Artists Ireland. Dublin, IE.

2019 Designing Club Culture 1960 – today Article for Metropolis M Magazine. NL.

2019 Dream Analysis Interview with Doireann O’Malley for VAN. Published by Visual Artists Ireland.

2018 By Design  Interview with Oonagh Young for VAN. Published by Visual Artists Ireland.

2018 Notes on the Outside In E​ssay to accompany exhibition by Steven Claydon at Museum of Country Life, Reading. UK.

2018 Illuminism  Text/Poster for Aisteach; the Avant-Garde Archive of Ireland, curated by Jennifer Walsh. Model Arts Centre, Sligo, IE.

2018 Untitled (Dearest Mehraneh) Essay in Radna Rumping (editor) Ludic Garden, a monograph on Mehraneh Atashi. Amsterdam, NL.

2018 A Mystic Milieu Article for ​online​ publishing platform bauhaus imaginista.

2018 Take Your Passion (and Make it Happen) ​ Article ​for VAN. Published by Visual Artists Ireland. Dublin, IE.

2018 Editor; Letters of Last Resort Risograph book published by Zero Press in an edition of 150. Antwerp. NL.

2018 Critic as Artist; Article for Metropolis M Magazine.

2018 Of Lilies and Remains Essay to accompany solo exhibition by Austin Hearne at Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin, IE.

2018 Dead Letter Days; Article for Metropolis M Magazine.

2018 Notes on the Width of a Circle Introduction to group exhibition at W139, Amsterdam, NL.

2017 University of the World Interview with Vivenne Dick for VAN. Published by Visual Artists Ireland.

2017 Nothing Here Now But The Recordings; Article for Metropolis M Magazine.

2017 Let the Dead Leaves Fall  Essay to accompany solo exhibition by Miguel Martin, Millennium Court Arts Centre, Craigavon, UK.

2017 Untitled (Crying The Neck) Essay to accompany a joint exhibition by Lucy Stein and Nina Royle. NICC, Brussels, BE.

2017 What We Do in the Shadows Review of Genieve Figgis at Almine Rech Gallery, Brussels, Article for VAN. Published by Visual Artists Ireland.

2017 Season of the Witch: Article for Metropolis M Magazine.

2017 Industrial Music for Industrial People Article for VAN. Published by Visual Artists Ireland.

2017 One could almost call it Holiness Essay in The Egyptian Postures by Ian Whittlesea. Published by Everyday Press, London. UK.

2017 Eire Ecclesiastica  Publication produced to accompany A Hard Place, a group exhibition curated by OJAI. 500 X Gallery, Dallas, USA.

2017 Drawing Down The Moon Essay in As Above, So Below, Exhibition Catalogue. Published by IMMA, Dublin. IE.

2017 Spectral Bodies; Article for Metropolis M Magazine.

2017 Untitled (A quarter turn to face the light)  Text to accompany solo exhibition by David Beattie at CCA, Derry, IE.

2017 Beyond Matter : Phantasmagoric Fluid Article for VAN. Published by Visual Artists Ireland.

2016 Notes on the Artist as Wanderer Essay featured in catalogue for I Went to the Woods, Glucksman Gallery, Cork, IE.

2016 Interview with Alex Farrar  Publication accompanying solo exhibition, Dürst Britt & Mayhew, The Hague, NL.

2016 Psychedelic Suburban Esotericism Essay to accompany solo exhibition by Richard Proffitt, Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh. IE.

2015 Notes on Psi  Introductory essay to Psi, a group project at Fokidos, Athens, GR.

2015 Co-Operative Enthusiasm Article for VAN. Published by Visual Artists Ireland.

2015 Untitled (Winter) in Anna Bak: Wilderness Survival: A Guide to the Aesthetics of Survivalism, Onomatapee, Eindhoven, NL.

2015 Untitled (Dear Stefan) Essay to accompany solo exhibition by Stefan Peters. Galerie van de Weghe, Antwerp. BE.

2015 Notes on the Girl with the Sun in Her Head  Essay to accompany group exhibition at Jan Van Eyck Academie. Maastricht, NL.

2015 Untitled, essay for Adam, Eve & the Devil,  Marres, Centre for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht, NL.                    

2015 The Aesthetic Anaesthetic in Roisin Agnew (editor), GUTS Magazine 3.  

2015 Untitled, essay for Shana Moulton exhibition at Primary, Nottingham. UK.

2014 Untitled, catalogue essay for TULCA arts festival. Galway, IE.

2014 Voodoo Free Phenomenon catalogue essay for Invisible Violence by Garrett Phelan at MOCA, Belgrade, RS./Artium, Vitoria, ES.

2014 Editor To Seek Where Shadows Are  Book designed by Peter Maybury to accompany A Modern Panarion, a group exhibition at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin, IE.

2014 Neo-Geo Now, essay/interview with Peter Halley for This Greedy Pig, www.thisgreedypig.com

2014 The Gestural Drawings catalogue essay for Image/Space/Light, Patrick Scott Retrospective at I.M.M.A. Dublin/Visual Carlow. IE.

2014 Untitled, essay for Mark Durkan solo exhibition at LAB, Dublin. IE.

2013 Interview with Bob & Roberta Smith papervisual online visual art journal www.papervisualart.com

2013 Untitled, essay for DIG, solo exhibition by John O’Connell at Galway Arts Centre. Galway, IE.

2013  Interview with Eoin McHugh papervisual online visual art journal, www.papervisualart.com

2013 Untitled (Monochrome) Liner notes for Monochrome, debut L.P. by I am the Cosmos, Released by Elastic Witch Records. IE.

2012 Editor, Local Curiosities Publication collaboration with Aleana Egan feat. several invited contributors. Edition of 300. Dublin, IE.

2012 Editor, måg magazine Issue 10, quarterly magazine published by nabroad. Oslo, NO.

2012  Untitled (Dearest A.) Essay in Michelle Horrigan (editor) The Hellfire Club, Publication by Askeaton Contemporary Arts, Limerick, IE. 

2012 Interview with Brendan Earley papervisual online visual art journal, www.papervisualart.com

2012 We New Traditionalists  In Rike Frank (editor) Sketches of Universal History Compiled from Several Authors by Sarah Pierce. Published by Book Works in association with Showroom, London, UK.

2012 Interview with/profile of Agne Raceviciute for International edition of Flash Art magazine.

2011 Untitled, essay for Patterns of Illumination, catalogue accompanying solo exhibition by David Beattie. RUA RED, South Dublin Arts Centre, Tallaght, Dublin, IE.

2011 Untitled, essay for exhibition catalogue, Vedere un Oggetto, Vedere la Luce.  Palazzo Re Rebaudengo Guarene d’Alba Cuneo, Published by Mousse, Milan, IT. 

2010 Editor; Investigations into the Superphysical Publication commissioned by Art Trail Cork. IE.

2010 Untitled (Dear Gunilla)  essay for Parallareal, solo exhibition by Gunilla Klingberg at Nordenhake Gallery. Stockholm. SE.  

2010 Editor; Nevertheless Faith is in the Air  Publication produced in collaboration with Diana Kaur in response to selected artworks from collection of Moderna Museum, Stockholm. SE.

2010 Dialogue with Sarah Pierce, included in Conversation Pieces the second publication in the field of performative art practices by If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution. Published by Revolver, Berlin. DE.

2009 Untitled (Dear Nina)  in Melanie Bono and Annette Hans (editors) Nina Canell: Evaporation Essays, Published by Distanz, Berlin. DE.

2009 Untitled (visiting E1027) in Stephen Mulhall (editor) Building Material 19 Published by Architectural Association of Ireland, Dublin, IE.

2009 Contributor The Invincible Summer Within; Limited edition publication produced to accompany exhibition by Lucy Stein at Gimpel Fils Gallery London. UK.

2009 Untitled (Seeker) Essay to accompany project and publication by Theresa Nanigian.  Realised as part of Unit led by Sarah Searson and commissioned by Laois Arts Office. Portlaoise, IE

2009 Untitled, Essay for Home, Publication to accompany a solo exhibition by Brian Maguire, Published by Wicklow County Council, Wicklow, IE.

2009 Untitled, essay for Never odd or even and Other Pieces, a solo exhibition by Lee Welch at The LAB, Dublin, IE.

2009 Dialogue with Peter Saville Publication designed by Peter Saville and printed as an edition of 150 as part of the group exhibition Compendium, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin, IE.

2008 Contributor to Masquerade Edition III of If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution.    

2008 Untitled, (Northland) Essay to accompany solo by exhibition Noel McKenna, Motherstankstation Gallery, Dublin, IE.          

2008 Untitled (Menschheit) Essay to accompany group exhibition by Simon Denny, Brendan Earley, Ciaran Walsh, Robin Watkins and Andre Niebur. Motherstankstation Gallery, Dublin, IE.

2008 Untitled, catalogue essay for Diamond Valley, a solo exhibition by Felicity Clear at Mermaid Arts Centre.Co.Wicklow. Published by Rubicon Gallery, Dublin. IE.

2008 Untitled (Slight Heat of the Eyelid) Essay to accompany a solo exhibition by Nina Canell, Motherstankstation Gallery, Dublin, IE.

2008 Three texts in Grant Watson and Sarah Pierce (editors.) Permaculture Project Arts Centre, Dublin, IE.

2008 Remarks on Now’s the Time Essay in catalogue for group exhibition at Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane, Dublin, IE.

2007 Untitled, catalogue essay in The Eternal Now: Warhol &The Factory ’63- ’68 Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, US, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK,  Lewis Glucksman Gallery and Model Niland Gallery. Sligo, IE.

2007 Editor, Unreal City II -The Gropiusstadt Edition A folio of artworks / group exhibition as publication. Printed in an edition of 150. Dublin IE/Berlin DE.

2007 Untitled, catalogue essay in Gavin Murphy (ed.) House Project Exhibitions. Published by House Projects and Atelier Projects, Dublin, IE. 

2007 Non / Autonomous Art is a mission demanding complete fanatacism. Essay in Mirza, Munira (Editor). Artistic Freedom Anxiety and Aspiration, Printed Project v. 8. Dublin, Ireland: Visual Artists Ireland, 2008.




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