Investigations into the Superphysical

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    Writing & Publications

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    Rebecca O'Dwyer, Abaigeal Meek, Cian McConn,

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    Self-published in an edition of 350

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    Atelier, Dublin, IE.

Though the selection of material that comprises this modest pamphlet is eclectic, every facet is related and integral to the investigaton at hand. While presented within the context of visual art, it will become evident that the issues and objectives of this publication and its associated lecture transcend any particular discipline – and are, moreover, principally concerned with that which is not available to us through our visual faculties. It seems apposite to acknowledge now – at the beginning – that the investigation from which this publication and lecture have emerged is significantly shaped by subjective sensibilities, compulsions and instincts. Furthermore, both publication and lecture are not exhaustive and cannot be assessed by criteria that might be applied to a treatise conceived to definitively prove the verity of assertions made in relation to more familiar or established matters. It must also be stated that, while this ongoing investigation is first and foremost intended as an artistic gesture, the fundamental objective is to incite a reappraisal of that which lies beyond the realm of the material plane. Since the necessary perceptions remain undeveloped, the super-physical can only be studied and researched through a combination of rigorous study and intuitive analysis. This pamphlet is aimed not only at those who already believe in the existence of super-physical phenomena but at anyone sufficiently interested in the subject to be glad of information as to its possibilities. Much of the material featured in this publication originates from exceptional artists and thinkers who generated works of artistic and intellectual significance the contents of which were drawn in no small way from knowledge of super- physical worlds.  

Launched  on the occasion of Investigations into the superphysical, a one-night event at Unitarian Church, Cork, November 10th 2010 for ArtTrail