Editions of You

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    Events & Lectures

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    Panel Discussion

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    Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin, IE.

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    James Merrigan, Alice Sherwood, Dieter Buchhart, Pádraic E. Moore, Barbara Dawson, Charlie Porter.

We are delighted to present this day long seminar exploring fascinating themes arising from the artistic practice, life and contemporary legacy of Andy Warhol with contributors: critic James Merrigan, author Alice Sherwood, critic and curator Dieter Buchhart, curator Padraic E. Moore, Hugh Lane Gallery director Barbara Dawson and writer and curator Charlie Porter.

Chaired by curator and writer Declan McGonagle. 

10.35– 11.00am

Barbara Dawson: Repetition and Production: Warhol, Beard and Bacon


Alice Sherwood: From Artist’s Hand to Artist’s Brand: Andy Warhol and the Reinvention of Authenticity

Andy Warhol once said ‘Gerard Malanga did a lot of my paintings.’ This talk explores how a Warhol can be a Warhol, even if Andy never touched it.


Padraic E. Moore: Editions of You: The mass produced fetish.
Andy Warhol’s ability to create stylistically innovative images that flow perpetually through the conduits of mass culture was integral to his expansionist strategy of seeking out and creating new markets. Pádraic E. Moore’s paper examines how Warhol’s opus is essentially a cultural phenomenon in which traditional distinctions between unique and mass-produced objects are obfuscated.


Q+A, discussion

Dieter Buchhart: Basquiat / Warhol. Crossing Lines

James Merrigan: Work, Warhol, Work!

James Merrigan will present on the activity and idea of “work” in the work of Andy Warhol. Beyond Warhol, his objective is to critically question the relationship between work, the artwork, and the artist. And how this ménage à trois of work, artwork and artist plays out in culture, in what Jean Baudrillard calls the opposition between seduction and cultural production.  


Charlie Porter: Warhol Seen, Warhol Unseen: the hyper visibility of the artist, yet the rarity in seeing the work.

The starting point for this is both the rarity of seeing work by Warhol in Ireland, and then also what happened in London three years ago – a Warhol show that nobody saw.

Q & A, discussion