Anomalous Afternoon

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    Events & Lectures

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  • Type

    Lecture / Screening

  • Host Organisation

    Stichting FLAT

  • Location

    Florijn, Amsterdam, NL.

Stichting FLAT is a not-for-profit organisation located in Amsterdam Southeast a.k.a. De Bijlmer. The foundation was established in 2003 when a group of art school graduates moved into the newly made studio apartments of the flat Florijn. At present, FLAT consists of a solid group of professional art workers: artists, curators, designers, musicians and researchers. From time to time they work together, share a social life and form a creative force and network in the neighbourhood. Public events are held in and around FLATSTATION (Florijn #42). This space is also used as a shared artist residency BijlmAir.

FLAT’s Programme has been generously granted funding by the Mondriaan Fund, in the framework of the contribution to small art initiatives in the Netherlands 15/16.

FLAT, Florijn, Bijlmer, 2015

FLAT is delighted to host Anomalous Afternoon is an informal once-off event that engages with what might broadly be termed anomalous phenomena, conceived by Pádraic E. Moore. Themes dealt with during the course of this event will include Psi phenomenon, hypothetical universal life force, stone circles, neo-paganism and electromagnetism, discussed via Pádraic’s practice as a writer, curator, and art historian. Presented within the format of a performative PowerPoint this event also features a selection of screenings and a reading by Joris Lindhout.

Moore’s  practice is informed by the conviction that art can function as a catalyst for revelatory experience and that esotericism can provide a set of counter cultural values, which enable one to resist and oppose the established status quo. The event is free and takes place on Wednesday 30 December from 16h at Florijn 42, Amsterdam.

Participants can expect a convivial atmosphere warmed by beverages and candlelight.